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The #EY CFO Capital Confidence Barometer features the views of 376 CFOs on the economy, growth, access to capital, M&A and more. Visit to download the latest report.

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The Lean Startup - Minimize total time through the loop

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Economic Fundamentals

2013 Led

Surging investor confidence in Q4 across many developed markets and improving economic fundamentals in 2013 led to one of the strongest markets on record for PE-backed IPOs. Click the image to read more. #privateequity #IPO #EY

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Overview of Labor Markets, in relation to age and salary

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Robert Ri'Chard

America’s labor market affects the cost of college

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Financing the future energy landscape: Private equity trends in oil and gas. Download the full #EY report: #EYPEOG

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Cómo la wifi móvil cambia nuestros hábitos de viaje

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the psychology of color by DEHAHS

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#EY’s Navigating the headwinds report presents the views, insights and observations of 105 private equity (PE) chief financial officers (CFOs) and finance executives from Asia, Europe and North America.

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At #EY, we are committed to building a better working world —– one with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration. This is why we have created the EY Startup Challenge, an intensive 6-week innovation programme focused on accelerating technological solutions for a business problem of tomorrow.

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#EY's corporate responsibility in Canada: Building potential, inspiring change.

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#EY's 7th annual global hedge fund and investor survey.

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In high performing teams, everyone’s unique perspective matters. See #EY’s progress in fostering diversity and inclusiveness in EMEIA.

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Paradigm shift - Building a new talent management model to boost growth. #EY

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The JOBS Act: Highlights from #EY on emerging growth companies (EGCs). Click on the image to view the full report.

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Omni-channel is fast becoming the key driver for consumer products and retail sector growth, but few can make it profitable using the traditional supply chain. That is according to Re-engineering the supply chain for the omni-channel of tomorrow - a joint survey conducted by #EY and The Consumer Goods Forum drawing on the views of 42 senior executives from the world’s largest consumer products and retail companies.

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Ey Report

The #EY report shows huge liquidity pools seeking above-inflation investment opportunities combined with a rising appetite for risk is feeding growing investor interest in equities and IPOs in EMEIA. With indices trending up based on high valuation levels, low volatility and strong investor confidence following a broadly positive experience in 2013, pressure to invest has rarely been as strong in recent years.

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Places In London

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England Betterworkingworld

London England

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Better Working

Building a better working world - the new branding at More London Place — in London, England. #Betterworkingworld