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German poster: Auch hier liegt unser Lebensraum! (Our natural habitat lies here also!)

"Storm against the bolshevism" Dutch poster published by the Germans. #propaganda #worldwar2

German Propaganda Poster

Mohawks as worn by WWII US Paratroopers; photo taken in France, March 23, 1945.

German U-boats

A poster promoting safety and orderly conduct during WWII civil defense air raid drills: "An orderly line is a safe line!" A Federal Art Project poster by Christopher DeNoon from the New York City Works Progress Administration War Service, between 1941 and 1943.

Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods.

German uniforms during World War II

PoW Horace Greasley defiantly confronts Heinrich Himmler during an inspection of the camp he was confined in. Greasley also famously escaped from the camp and snuck back in more than 200 times to meet in secret with a local German girl he had fallen in love with. Source: telegraph.co.uk

Civil War

World War 2 Poster || This battle continues...

Female soldier, Vietnam war

Nazi posters

World War II German Soldiers

Propaganda Poster

German rail gun

German Propaganda Poster

German WWII propaganda poster: “Victory will be ours!”

The German Navy #propaganda #worldwar2

WWII - Pacific War Poster

German Invasion of Poland. An excellent picture of the German style of formal marching called "goose stepping". It could only be done for a short distance because of its difficulty.