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    This poster shows a strong, alert German worker who won't let himself be fooled by the Marxist (the guy with the red hat) or the Jew whispering into his ear. These posters fueled the Germans mistrust of the Jewish people.

    Japanese poster, 1938: Oppose Communism. (An imaginary pro-Japanese demonstration, with Chinese carrying slogans: Oppose Communism; Long Live North-China; Forward China Japan Manchuko; Peace in East Asia; Down with the Communist Party; Have full confidence in the Japanese Army; Peace and happiness; A bright North China; Down with the Guomindang.)

    Japanese patriotic postcard: Taking aim on an enemy ship with torpedo tubes


    Nazi propaganda appeal to the Dutch

    Nazi Propaganda

    nazi propaganda tentacles

    Nazi propaganda poster

    Germany is Free!

    Nazi propaganda cartoon - The Jew as Race Defiler

    WWII Nazi Propaganda poster

    Nazi Youth Propaganda

    Nazi poster - Katyn Forest Massacre.

    Nazi depiction of the British threat to Germany, Sept 21, 1939.

    Electoral poster from the Campaign of 1932 - Hitler identifies himself with President Paul von Hindenburg, a much respected hero of WWI.

    The Nazi-controlled government in German-occupied France produced the Vica comic during World War II as a propaganda tool against the Allied forces. The comics represent Nazi influence and perspective within French society.

    interesting article about the Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda films of Veit Harlan

    Join us in the Hitler Youth! A typical propaganda poster of the Hitler Youth


    This propaganda poster discouraged the listening of American Jazz music.

    Propaganda attempts to advance a political agenda. The Nazis and the Soviets were masters of this in early to mid 20th Century. The Spanish Civil War served to test weapons, tactics and propaganda. Both sides in the conflict quickly realized the power that images had to win supporters to their respective causes. The Nazis saw this and made propaganda a key component in their public policies.

    Nazi propaganda

    A 1930 Nazi propaganda poster offers work, freedom, and bread, as opposed to the "empty promises" of their opponents.

    Nazi propaganda poster. Winston Churchill.