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Explore German Propaganda Posters, Ns Posters, and more!

German poster: Auch hier liegt unser Lebensraum! (Our natural habitat lies here also!)

1. Weltkrieg Kriegsanleihe ca. 1916

German ww2 propaganda poster

Soldiers pay moving tribute to 8 million horses, donkeys, & mules that died during World War I 1915

"He is guilty of the war": 1943 anti-Jewish poster by Mjölnir, intended to persuade Germans that Jews were responsible for fuelling the war. Mjölnir was the pen name of Hans Schweitzer, an artist who created many of the most popular National-Socialist propaganda posters.

German poster: Was England Will!


Women's Roles in the First World War #Infographic

See many images of women's war work in the UK and the US at and and