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    Richard Baer Kommandant at Auschwitz (1944-1945) and Dora (1945.) Baer served in the SS Totenkopf Division in 1942. At least 1,000,000 persons died at Auschwitz; about 20,000 perished at Dora. He died while in detention at trial in Frankfurt, Germany on June 17, 1963, having avoided prosecution for many years due to a false identity of Karl Neumann.

    The Totenkopf division was one of the "Germanic" divisions of the Waffen-SS. These included 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich, and 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking.

    Recruitment poster for the Flemish Legion (SS-Vlaanderen), a Germanic SS unit in occupied Belgium. SS chief Himmler wanted to use the organization to penetrate occupied Belgium, which was under the control of the Wehrmacht military government, not the party or the SS. SS-Vlaanderen members also served as auxiliaries to SS units and security services "cleansing" Jews. Toward the end of the war, many SS-Vlaanderen members joined the Waffen SS to fight in Russia.

    Three brothers of the famed 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend of the Waffen-SS. 3 x HJ. by Ayame Ekdahl, via Flickr

    Warren SS ✠ 8 SS KAVALLERIE DIVISION'Florian Geyer

    101st airborne division

    Soldier of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. France, 1940.

    MP Lt. Paul Unger, 2nd Armoured Division, searching the POW SS-Untersturmführer Kurt Peters, III. in the area of ​​Notre Dame de Cenilly of Saint Lô, France. 27 July 1944.

    Marder III tank destroyer of German Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler at Kharkov, Ukraine, Feb-Mar 1943

    Joachim Peiper. Standartenführer. Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler by GLORY. The largest archive of german WWII images, via Flickr

    Hitler digging the first shovelful of earth at the ceremony for the Reichsautobahn, Frankfurt, Germany, 1933

    Major Gen Gerhard Schmidhuber was in command of 13.Panzer Division during WW2. When the Germans occupied Hungary in 1944, Schmidhuber was supreme commander of German army forces in that country. He prevented the liquidation of the Budapest Jewish ghetto in the face of the advancing Red Army. Schmidhuber was killed in action in the Battle of Budapest on Feb 11, 1945.

    German panzer crew, 1944

    The Frankfurt trial was opened on Dec. 20, 1963. Here, documents relating to...

    Generalleutnant Agustín Muñoz Grandes, commander of the the Blue Division (División Española de Voluntarios), photographed with the Iron Cross Second Class which was awarded on 8 September 1941. During his command Muñoz Grandes was decorated with the Knight’s Cross on 12 March 1942 and on 13 December 1942 with the Oakleaves which was personally added by Hitler for his valiant conduct in the fighting against the Soviets.

    Max Pauly, Kommandant at Stutthof (1941-1942) and Neuengamme (1942-1945.)  Some 65,000 to 85,000 persons perished at Stutthof during the war, while 40,000 to 56,000 died at Neuengamme.  Max Pauly was hanged on October 8, 1948 at Hameln, Germany, probably by the British hangman Albert Pierrepoint.

    Fallschirmjäger Hauptmann (Paratroop Captain) Walter Gericke (smoking) was originally a policeman who transferred to the Luftwaffe and became one of the first battalion commanders of the Parachute Division.He fought in the Battle of Crete (1941) and won the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.He also fought in Italy and by the war's end was a lt colonel. Postwar, he was POW of the British.He returned to service in the 50s and commanded 1.Airborne Division 1962-65.He retired a major general.

    Paul Werner Hoppe Kommandant at Stutthof (1942-1945.) Won the Iron Cross First Class, while serving in the SS Totenkopf Division. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment, released in 1966 and died in July 1974. After the war, he stated about the Final Solution, “All this never happened. It’s all lies.”

    Nazi officers stand on a terrace of Solahuette, the SS retreat outside of Auschwitz. Pictured on the far left is Dr. Josef Mengele. Pictured on the right are Commandant Richard Baer and his adjutant Karl Hoecker. The picture was taken during a party celebrating Rudolf Hoess' completion of tenure as commandant of Auschwitz, and the handover of power to Baer.

    Auschwitz, Poland

    Auschwitz ✡