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Tim Cook says Google wasn't committed to Motorola

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked for his thoughts on Google's pending sale of Motorola to Lenovo. "I wasn't surprised," Cook said, calling the deal "a...

Who's Liable for Crimes Committed With 3D-Printed Guns?

3d printed gun - new source to panic, not as if everyone in america wasn't already armed

Angry Viewers Protest Over NBC Olympics Coverage Through Social Media - Before Olympics Games 2012 kicked off, NBC was being hailed as one of the channels who will be extensively covering the event. However, as soon as the event started, we all realized that NBC wasn't going to cover the even live - rather it is tape-delaying a lot of events. While that in itself angered the viewers, NBC committed yet another blunder. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]

Your FTC Privacy Watchdogs: Low-Tech, Defensive, Toothless

There are several benefits and other advantages to installing an in car video recorder? You can record whatever you see and upload to your online account or You Tube for all to see. These videos can be used as evidence in any legal matters concerning accidents or crimes committed which are recorded live as they happen.

"My name is Aaron Swartz," he wrote on a blog when he was a teenager, "I'm a 9th grader at the North Shore Country Day School. In the summer of 2000, I finally realized that school wasn't working. I decided to do something about it. ... I'm tired of outdated teaching practices where the students don't learn anything. I'm tired of constantly being prepared for more preparation. I want something new, something worthwhile, something better."

Teaching your bird to talk can be funny but Lynne L. Taylor wasn't laughing when she got slapped with a $15 fine after her cockatoo learned to swear. Taylor lives in Warwick, Rhode Island where a local ordinance makes it...