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I am in love with the most beautiful woman with the sweetest heart I've ever felt.. she loves me back as I love her. She's my world and I promise to love and protect her the rest of her life!! I love you baby!!!

Maralinga is a story of British Lieutenant Daniel Gardiner, who accepts a twelve-month posting to the wilds of South Australia on a promise of rapid promotion; Harold Dartleigh, deputy director of MI-6 and his undercover operative Gideon Melbray; Australian Army Colonel Nick Stratton and the enigmatic Petraeus Mitchell, bushman and anthropologist. They all find themselves in a violent and unforgiving landscape infected with the unique madness and excitement that only nuclear testing creates.

$3.99 on Kindle! Lydia finds herself falling in love with Amish bachelor Gideon Hooley. She wants nothing more than to forget her past and look forward to a future as an Amish bride. But will the pain of her childhood---and her potential betrayal of her community---keep her from committing her whole heart?

NY Times, USA Today Bestselling and Multi Award-Winning Author Family secrets. Forbidden love. An empire on the brink of collapse. A battlefield promise to a dying comrade, and Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe, returns from Waterloo to take a bride. Aware that romance and matrimony aren’t always compatible, widow, Sabrina Whitcomb, nevertheless, needs a husband. While providing for her children is paramount, wedding a stranger—even a wealthy one like Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of…

7/1/2014 What if overcoming the legacy of American slavery meant bringing back that very institution? A young black attorney is thrown headlong into controversial issues of race and power in this page-turning and provocative new novel. Martin Grey, a smart, talented black lawyer working out of a storefront in Queens, becomes friendly with a group of some of the most powerful, wealthy, and esteemed black men in America. He’s dazzled by what they’ve accomplished, and they seem to think he has