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    Great Snowy Owl .. FB Wildlife and Nature Photos

  • Tracy Smith

    Snowy Owl ready to Takeoff - Birds Wallpaper ID 1984641 - Desktop Nexus Animals

  • Röşhan İşmaıl

    Remember Hedwig? The pet owl of Harry Potter. Hedwig is a snowy owl Snowy owl, (also known as Arctic owl, Great white owl, Iceland snow owl and Harfang) is a large owl measuring 52-71cm with wings about 120-150cm, native to snowy areas like poles, these beautiful yellow eyed bird is purely white with black spots on abdomen and wings, they are one of the best bird of prey in bird world. For their beautiful appearance and deadly attitude they are nicknamed as"deadly angel"!

  • Pamela M

    The Owl is the bringer of wisdom. Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. A magical creature of the forest enigmatic and powerful. If you are aware of the owl being present in your life, dreaming or waking, you are being called upon to open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation. To listen to the wisdom deep in your heart and soul. To assist you or help you in a current challenge you may be facing.

  • Charmaine Gqomfa

    Beautiful creature

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This is my snowy owl, Elsa. She's my spirit animal, she comes when I'm very emotional. she also connected to my ice powers.

Ashy Faced Owl - Tyto glaucops by Mark Whittaker (Twit Twoo), via Flickr

Snowy owl looking upwards by Tambako the Jaguar, via Flickr

shared via - #beautiful #owl - imagine how it would look in the snow!

.such eyes! We had one like this in the tree in our backyard, watching our indoor cats !

The Great Grey Owl or Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) is a very large owl, documented as the world's largest species of owl, they are distributed across the Northern Hemisphere. In some areas it is also called Phantom of the North.

The Great Grey Owl does not have ear tufts and has the largest facial disc of any raptor.

Love listening to an Owl hoot while sitting out on the porch! Fresh Pond Owl. DiscoverFreshPond...