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Journey to Mecca tells the incredible true story of Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest travelers in history. In 1325, as a 21-year-old law student, he set out from Morocco on an epic journey to the sacred city of Mecca.

In the Muslim Empire there were Houses of Wisdom that scholars could go to to exchange ideas with other scholars and learn.They would translate Greek and Roman classics into Arabic, which helped to preserved these stories which could have been lost. In the House of Wisdom, there was a huge library which was open to public use. There were Islamic sacred texts along with books on law, history, and other topics. This library set an example for larger libraries later to come. ~MA KUKOSKi

Dr. Farouk el-Baz, famous scientist who worked with NASA , he helped plan all the Apollo moon landings and later pioneered the use of space photography to study the Earth.

21 Quotes That Perfectly Capture The Thrill Of Traveling

TRAVEL - 20. "When you give yourself to places, they give you yourself back." -I'm in LOVE with these quotes. So beautiful, and so true. Which one do you like best?:

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Ibn Battuta - Rihla, a virtual tour


Abū al-Wafāʾ, Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyā ibn Ismāʿīl ibn al-ʿAbbās al-Būzjānī (10 June 940 – 15 July 998) was a Persian mathematician and astronomer who worked in Baghdad. He made important innovations in spherical trigonometry, and his work on arithmetics for businessmen contains the first instance of using negative numbers in a medieval Islamic text. He is also credited with compiling the tables of sines and tangents at 15' intervals.

Skeleton System, From “Canon of Medicine”, al-qanun Fi-T-Tibb By Ibn Sina; MDCXXXII

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we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. We spend every spare penny on travel, and we never regret it!!