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Black hole...except cutting edge astronomy based on the realization that the universe is electrical in nature insists that black holes are not what conventional science still believes them to be... they are electrical phenomena which take place within the

When fire and ice unite, become one, it brings a new, strange, powerfull magic. The burn of fire the chill of ice, Infused by the magic of the second brightest and the Northern stars. Only stories or know of such an arcane magic. No one has ever seen it.

A beautiful selection of local artists and artisans. Your one-stop shop for art, flora, furniture and thoughtful gifts. Located in San Diego, California.

Changing your thoughts is nothing compared to changing the perceiver of them.  --- Six months before my overnight awakening, I dreamed I was wandering in the ruins of an ashram in India. (Later I w...

Hey you creative kids you, its The Ginger Fox again bringing you yet another wonderfully talented WA artist - Jamie Worsley. Now if you ...

Anthony Gargasz - Metallic Faces Reflective, metallic, high gloss. Element of interactivity - colours shift as viewer moves and engages with the work. Visual dialogue

On meeting Annie: "Two days later I stood in her elegant dining room in the top-floor apartment of a Brattleboro brownstone. She fetched a sherry glass from an antique sideboard and served me a dry sherry. A couple of Waterhouse prints hung on the walls."