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I’ve Been Thinking Of The Idea Of A Design Made By Words, But A Design Wrapped Around The Words In Black And White Flowers Instead Of Bows May Be Nice

Chevy runs deep. My Favorite tattoo out of all the ones i have seen so far!

I want flowers like this in with my wave/palm trees..... this tattoo idea is getting huge ahahha. But I love these watercolor flowers <3

horse tattoo designs | Horseshoe Blossom climb by ~2Face-Tattoo on deviantART wouldn't have the flowers blue though, or at all.

Lotus flower: used to indicate different meanings in different circumstances. In a relationship, it is normally used to mean being totally in love with someone and being forgetful of all that has happened in the past between you. It is also used in Asian religions especially in India to represent awakening to the spiritual reality of life.

antlers tattoo. antlers can grow back once they've fallen. symbol that even when it feels like everything is lost, you can still rebuild and regrow again.

I don't know what it is that I love about this, maybe just how perfect the linework seems. But it would fit nicely along the side of my arm.