Antlers and flowers

Cute, bow and arrow

Here’s a cute little forget me not flower I just tattooed :)

pocket watch and flower tattoos | with a different saying and no compass but an additional pocket watch

flower, infinity, love, pink, anchor. . Instead of "refuse to sink" I'd put "Anchored in Jesus" or something similar. Love this for a tat idea

Flower tat idea

lotus flower tattoo ~ From the muddy pond floor, emerges a beautiful flower that followed the light until it reached the surface, blooming so beautiful, overcoming its dark beginnings. :) My interpretation, anyway.

Girly gun tattoos | Tattoo ideas.. I like the shape of the gun... but maybe not too girly flowers?

Reason why I want this Tattoo: Sunflowers are known to be the "happiest of flowers", and their meanings include loyalty and longevity. Where I would get it: My foot or under my collar bone.

flower heart - one for each kid with name in middle?

pink flower tattoo love this

hawaiian flower tattoos. If I didn't already have a hibiscus tattoo then I would consider getting something just like this. :)

flower tattoos 13

OMG this is exactly what I want us to all get together!!!! Except I want color and I want to incorporate your fav flowers. #flower totem #tattoo on the shoulder

I want this but with different flowers

New tattoo idea? Add a ponytail on one of the children to symbolize a girl....hmm, I really like that idea, maybe one day I'll do it.

Flowers & anchor tattoo

Husband wants to do these tattoos but one for each one of our kids with their name underneath it.

shoulder/arm tattoos for women | flower with swirls roses with swirls some tribal tattoos henna style ...

Flower Tattoos

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