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Pic 4: Beaded Loop-Clasp. Go to the start of the rope. TIP:It would have been handy if a long length of yarn was left at the start of the rope, before the beaded crochet part began. However, it is possible to just neatly join working yarn to the start of the rope (sew in and hide excess yarn).

Pic 6: Work at least 2 rounds of bead crochet on the other side of the bead. Then finish off – leaving a length of yarn to work with (about 12inches).

Pastel Asymmetrical Circle Rope Necklace with Tassel by Jeka Lambert. Bead woven, bead embroidery. Vintage new seed beads, 1920s nailhead beads, 24K gold plated beads.

Piccole Creazioni Creative: Tutorial al volo: come si crea e come si legge uno schema per realizzare una spirale crochet

Kraal gehaakte ketting-"Grijze slang"