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Retro Apple Logo Decal for your iPhone DIY Felt Owl Iphone Cases iPhone book case + wallet - this makes me wish I had an iPhone!


40 Fundas para tu celular que te arruinarán el día


This is pretty legit, ngl. So funny.DIY USB Typewriter Conversion Kit by usbtypewriter on Etsy

Holy crap, this is awesome!  It would be especially great for if you see a color somewhere you want for house paint or something...you could "scan it" and bring it to the paint store and say "match this color." quinnrossi

if this is real i want one now! scan a color and be able to draw in that exact color immediatley!

Regalos que no querrás darle a nadie más que a ti mism@

Regalos que no querrás darle a nadie más que a ti mism@

Pretty cool idea 6 in ONE Bluetooth Keyboard With Organizer and Phone/Tablet Stand from myKeyO on OpenSky

Book Laptop Cover

Laptop cover for book lovers. Maybe if you had a book no longer used that was the right size, you could make your Mom or Dad a laptop cover for their computer using it.

Necesidad de hacer una para las mujeres: Añadir: pull-up gancho para los vestidos largos, un gancho inferior de la falda en una percha, y un cajón grande debajo de la bandeja de accesorios para los accesorios más grandes o especialidad fundación al desgaste.

A men's suit valet stand is an essential piece of furniture for the executive gentleman's bedroom or dressing room.