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"In memory of Leonard Ball, who hated fat people" I really shouldn't be laughing, but I't know if I could sit there, but this is #epic meal time #funny photos| http://funnyphotoscollections.blogspot.com

Pahahaha :)


My English teacher was right, grammar is important.


I seriously think about it ever time!


never thought of this before...but now i will never be able to NOT think of it when i see this symbol.

I laughed so hard I cried... thank you!!!

laughed out loud when i read this hahaha

Ellen-isms. DYING lol I frickin love her!!!!!!!

Anne Hathaway's Rap - Oh. My. God this is the best thing I've ever seen!!! Sorry for the bad language but she kills it! Hahaha

Just about died laughing.

As much as this is overused and I hate cats... This made me laugh lol. @Christina Bruce