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    Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas Dust bowl surveying in Texas

    LIFE Dust Bowl

    “Dust Over Texas.” Huge boiling masses of dust that blocked out the sun were common sights in Texas during the Dust Bowl years. In: “To Hold This Soil”, Russell Lord, 1938. Miscellaneous Publication No. 321, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Circa 1935

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    In 1931 the rains stopped and the “black blizzards” began. Powerful dust storms carrying millions of tons of stinging, blinding black dirt swept across the Southern Plains—the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, western Kansas, and the eastern portions of Colorado and New Mexico. Topsoil that had taken a thousand years per inch to build suddenly blew away in only minutes. One journalist traveling through the devastated region dubbed it the “Dust Bowl.

    dust bowl

    Typical farm in the Dust Bowl, 1938

    A heartbreaking photograph from the 1930s dust storms

    The Dust Bowl. The animals died, they could not breathe with no shelter the dust filling their lungs.

    Dust bowl.

    The dust bowl

    the Dust Bowl

    What a wonderful photo! The enlarged version (click on pic) offers so much to see. One of my favorites thus far! New York circa 1905. "Fifth Avenue after a snow storm."

    Dust Bowl baby..


    A dust storm or sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon common in desert places

    Winter of 2014 Snow storm in Buffalo that was about 7 ft. Deep. Now it is mild and raining and flooding expected, all this the middle of November I don't think this is stunning but crazy, having to live through it

    Dust Bowl: Rare LIFE Photos From Oklahoma, 1942 -

    Dust Storm

    Woman Holding Pet Cat While Uncovering Flower Garden Buried after Dust Storm in Dustbowl Area