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You Know You're a Texan When... This one made me die! If you're from Texas, definitely check out this blog. It's a kick!

I love Texas, but the existence of only two seasons (kinda cool and broiling) gets old...

actually, lemme just say that pennsylvania has some BIG FREAKING animals. Like, the squirrels, yeah, they beat up the Texas squirrels for lunch money.

You know you're a Texan when... "The stars at night, are big and bright..." is followed by a chorus of everyone in the general vicinity

and you know a pee - can is something you take on long Texas road trips so if you have to pee - 'cause there'll be no bathrooms along the way, or big enough bushes . . .Hello West TX!

This happened to me on multiple occasions... (You Know You're a Texan When...#102)

YOU KNOW YOU'RE A TEXAN WHEN - hahahaha, not entirely true, but funny ;-)

You know you're a Texan when: you know that you're not supposed to pronounce the "H" in the town of "Humble."

You know your a Texan u forgot bout tcu, but it better not be the aggies ( I will not even have coffee with you if you like the aggies)

Haha I ain't from Texas but pretty close. And all this is true where I live. In okla about 30 mins from tx state line.