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    Thought leaders and organizations address the Affordable Care Act's impact on costs, regulations, and innovation in the life sciences community. Read our latest blog post to see how the PPACA might have an impact on your business!

  • New Visions Billing & Consulting Service

    Are insurers hiding healthcare reform benefits? Insurance companies have sent misleading cancellation notices to consumers and provided little or no information about the health insurances exchanges, Talking Points Memo reported. #consumer #women #pharma #hcsm #patient #doctor #physician #ACA #PPACA #health #money #healthcare #drug #drugs #marketing #hcmktg -

  • Progressive Democrats of America

    In the Spotlight: A few health care questions for Congressman Schock

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No the ACA aka ObamaCare isn't socialized medicine.. ..But it IS the gateway drug #medicareforall

Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

Republicans, showed us how much the deficit really matters to them during the Bush years. Look at the numbers...they don't lie, they're just facts, but then the GOP never let facts get in the way of their real agenda, which is to dismantle any social programs. Be infomed.

I cannot believe I still have to protest this shit. - Awesome Grandma :)

Specialty Rum dressed in a custom bottle with attention to every detail.

We need to vote, get 10 friends to vote and then demonstrate, raises our voices and organize! Demand that our elected officials make a Constitutional Amendment against Citizens United. - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

Jeb Bush: We Need to “Phase Out” Medicare - Americas Crown Prince BUSH decides to push ME yes that's right he's talking about ME off fiscal cliff F@@K Him! Really I thought this hateful prick was the "smart" one

VOTE the GOP OUT! GO ELIZABETH* And what she is saying,is also applicable for the Netherlands and many other countries as well!