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    Siamese Twins Bob and Billy Houston born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Currently performing regularly in the South.

    Conjoined twins

    Blanche Dumas

    Valeria Levitina, the most anorexic person in the world

    This is amazing!

    Eerie photograph taken in the Bohemian Grove, California, date unknown.

    Aw..look at the bandages on their little fingers. Josie, six year old, Bertha, six years old, Sophie, 10 years old, all shuck regularly. Maggioni Canning Co. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina, Lewis Hine, Febraury 1911

    Abigail and Brittany Hensel are 22 year old conjoined twins from the United States. They have their own reality show on TLC 'Abby & Brittany'.

    WWI, 1917

    This is a pretty kickass old burlesque photo | La fétichiste, 1930s, photographer Yva Richard

    'Anna Belle Grey'. Trick Photograph of Woman with two heads, circa 1900, (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, DC)

    Myrtle Corbin was unable to use the extra two limbs for walking, and she had an even more difficult time getting around as she was also born with a clubbed foot. Technically, the ‘Four-Legged Woman’ only had one good, usable leg. Myrtle was a popular attraction with P.T. Barnum, and later with Ringling Bros. and Coney Island. Her popularity was likely linked to her showmanship – she would often dress the extra limbs with socks and shoes which all matched her outfit.

    This rare bizarre condition is called Anencephaly Syndrome. The baby was born without brain, neck and reproductive organs. The first image was born in Luxor General Hospital in Al Akhbar, the baby died after 2 hours. These deformed babies do not have survival chances because anencephalic infants do not have a forebrain.

    Born With A Veil: A True Ghost Story

    Bob Melvin, The Man With Two Faces in Fargo, ND behind the bally in his trailer. (1976)

    Creepiest family every. Look at the kids hands!

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    this is VERY, very weird...

    Real life Shrek. Maurice Tillet was actually a very intelligent person who was a poet and writer. He could speak 14 languages. Tillet was born in 1903, and as a teenager he manifested a rare disease called acromegaly, which caused his bones to grow uncontrollably. As a result his body was disfigured, and he turned into what people back then referred to as “freak show”; He took advantage of his condition, turning into a pro wrestler called the “freak ogre of the ring”.

    An Afghan baby boy with his headless twin attached at the chest lies on a bed at the main hospital in Kunduz on September 14, 2009. The otherwise healthy infant was born on September 10 with the torso, legs and hands of male a twin attached...