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les pingouins à la sortie de l'école

Photo : les pingouins à la sortie de l'école

Penguin Parental Devotion Grown-up penguins huddle around baby penguins to keep them warm during an Arctic chill

Mustard Roasted Chicken from Ina Garten. Came out tasty, but quite salty; don't use as much salt as she lists. I used 4 large lean skinless chicken breasts cut in half and store bought Italian breadcrumbs. Could have used less than the 2 cups of crumbs called for; chicken was coated and heaped and I still threw out some mixture. Lemon zest might be an optional ingredient next time, didn't really feel it crucial overall.

Ina Garten's Mustard Roasted Chicken ♥ View from Great Island

Moeder en kind.

xx I love you, Mom. Love you too, baby!

"Yea I'm thinking. ..... and Nooooo you can't hear it" Haha!  :D

My Fun Face This funny monkey picture is posted for your enjoyment at, check out our site for monkey picsMy Fun Face

"They said I could be anything...."  Hahaha!

They said I could be anything

The penguin pose penguin cat

Mama and baby bear.

Funny pictures about 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom. Also, 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom photos.


Aww this poor squirrel! So cute! The chipmunk probably stuffed another peanut in its other cheek. There are worse things than a free lunch.

bird of the day: Puffin (lundi)

Mazzy: "Look at that baby penguin!" Me: "It looks like a penguin but it's actually a bird called a Puffin." Mazzy: "A puffin bird?" Me: "Yep.

What humans should learn from animals

Humans should definitely learn from animals!

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub oh my goodness my heart just melted




Best Buddies, sea turtles photo by Clark Little

Gigot d'agneau de 7 heures confit mille et une nuits - Rockthebretzel !

Leg of lamb so thousand and one nights

“That's not flying. That's falling with style!”

Penguin leap of faith I Believe I can fly .


earthlynation: “ Male Anna’s Hummingbird. Photo by Thy Bun ”

because everyone needs a pet penguin! :)

Funny pictures about Baby Penguin. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Penguin. Also, Baby Penguin photos.

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scienceyoucanlove: “ A penguin nursery, filmed for the first time after BBC cameramen hid their cameras inside fake birds ~ Documentary ‘Penguins - Spy In The Huddle’ charts a year in the lives of.