benedict cumberbatch, setlock 2013. this should be the sherlock hand sign. ALL IN FAVOUR SAY AYE

benedict cumberbatch, setlock this should be the sherlock hand sign. ALL IN FAVOUR SAY AYE <-- aye!

Waltz for Mary and John

Dr John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, walks down the aisle. His bride is his real life partner Amanda Abbington. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is Best Man. :') (I still think we need a Johnlock wedding!

Sherlock in Blue

If you've never seen the unaired Sherlock pilot episode, here it is! The whole thing! :) (pin now, watch later) search for Ssherlock 2010 [unaired pilot]


"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition

THIS GUY WINS AT LIFE.<--- Look at the two girls in the back left corner, i don't think they get it

this guy^ is my hero. ("Well that was tedious." "You went on the tube like that?" "None of the cabs would take me.

Okay, Sherlock is an odd name BUT its uniqueness is not *positively tragic* in the manner that these names are.

(So glad he changed them!) <<< Then he made Sherrinford Holmes Sherlock's younger brother.

360° Panoramic Tour Around 221B Baker Street<<< I just made the must inhuman noise

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Beautiful panorama of Sherlock's apartment. It is a flat. (sorry, i'm very particular about these things)