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We'll stay together forever... DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only and not for any kind o...

Now Chrome and Firefox displays messages to warn Internet users to the presence of "malware". It is known to fight piracy currently being undertaken

Oshin Kiszko had been forced to receive treatment to combat the tumor that has on the brain. Half a year later, the court gives the demands

With only six, Ross Kelly showed what it means to truly be a good friend when he decided to learn sign language to help Isam Gurung to integrate better into

The goal of US President Barack Obama to host 10,000 Syrian refugees until September 30 will be completed today, he announced the White House.

University does not forget the past of the institution. There is a university in the United States decided to investigate his own past, to do something

The Sinabung volcano, one of the most active of Indonesia's Sumatra island, spewed smoke and ash up to more than three kilometers away from the crater

The Burmese authorities raised to 397 pagodas and stupas (religious monuments) damaged in the archaeological complex of Bagan