Vintage rubber dolls

Vintage Toy Typewriters

vintage sweet rabbit

vintage toys


vintage dolls

Vintage lovelies

Vintage rubber white lamb

Vintage rubber toy.

clothespin dollies

ceramic animal collection

Vintage Barbies-A bevy of Barbies from the 1960s congregate at American Beauty


serious pyrex collection!

Ruth E. Newton rubber squeak toy doll made by the Sun rubber Company.

Impossibly Cute Bisque Baby Dolls -in their original box-but they are stored in a Louis Sherry Candy Tin!Just the most adorable clump of cuteness ever-my God,they're sweet enough to cause the onset of type 2 diabetes!All I can think about is the little Dionne Quint Dolls-those wete very popular, were marketed as dolls,paper dolls,toys,ect...

old doll

Russian rubber toy astronaut, the 1960th

vintage toys


So Sweet!