Warrior Girl- Rowena Murillo: Flying Girl Jumps Into The Night, or ...

Flying Girl Jumps Into the Night, or "Oh, you foolish Alice. How can you learn lessons in here?" OOAK painting on vintage Alice in Wonderland page, by Rowena Murillo❤

Warrior Girl- Rowena Murillo: flying girl

Warrior Girl- Rowena Murillo: Look Out Now or Flying Girl Makes It Through The Storm

Alice in Wonderland

ALICE Book print Alice in Wonderland Alice playing with butterflies print on Vintage Dictionary Antique Book page art print


Original OOAK Mixed Media Folk Art "Winds of Summer" Acrylic and Colored pencil on Pine woman portrait Angela Kennedy.

When the news came, my parents... #woman  #love #heart #Sandi #Fitzgerald

Chase’s journey

When the news came, my parents... #woman #love #heart #Sandi #Fitzgerald

Cori Dantini says  "let me see....  i am a full time illustrator  a full time mother  a full time wife"  Love her stuff, I have been carrying her card and now one of my vendors is making the wall hangings.  Find her originals on Esty!    LOVE HER

Mother Daughter Art Print, love, Home is with You by Cori Dantini and 8 x 10 inch limited edition archival print

Home is with You by Cori Dantini and 8 x 10 inch limited by corid,etsy

"Every Life Has a Story!" - {Roben-Marie Smith} - A Paint Mojo Weekend...

A Paint Mojo Weekend...

advanced self portraits this semester will be multimedia

Artodyssey: Stephanie Ledoux - The use of words in addition to other materials here I think is particularly interesting as the work then has a texture rather than being entirely This is a feature I would like to consider using myself.