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¿Quien eres? (BTS Jungkook) - 17. Ma City

#wattpad #fanfic ¿Who are you? No conocer sobre el Kpop y sobre los idols Sur Coreanos tiene algunas ventajas ¿cuáles? no sé, tal vez puedes tropezarte con ellos algún día, tal vez ser su amiga o volverte su novia ¿quién sabe no? lo que sí sabemos es que les gusta que los trates como alguien normal, es por eso que...

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NCIS - CBS - Cast Information - Who Are They In Real Life

Tony - NCIS

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Never Respond To Rudeness

Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don't take it personally be silent. For more quotes and inspirations:

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These 27 Old Couples Will Remind You What Love Is All About

This photo from GOOD could not possibly be any cuter. What form of #exercise do you do with your spouse? #BTWG #grandparents #cycling #tandembike

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29 Of The Most Intense 5SOS Fan Confessions

Girls now just like them for their looks not for who they are and it's annoying

HA HA HA HA!!!! How many times have we all wanted to say this to ppl who say I'm not interested???? They have no idea what they are saying no to :(

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Spanish "Soy" Statements - Physical Descriptions- ¿Cómo Soy?

This worksheet is an excellent tool to have students write paragraphs about themselves. They will be able to describe their physical appearance and their personality traits. They can also name their family members and pets. Great way to review physical traits and get students talking.

Bach Flower Cards [Clematis] - For people who are detached from "real life". They prefer to live in the world created within their own minds, and show little response to either good or bad news. Because they are never fully focused on the present, they have poor memories and little sense of detail. Following treatment, the Clematis person is able to connect the inner and outer worlds and once again becomes interested in the physical world and the people surrounding him.

appalled David Bowie gif. There are few things more perfect than that. Bookmarking to use on friends when they say, "Who is David Bowie?"

Bach Flower Cards [Crab Apple] - For people who are focused so intently on order, purity, and perfection within themselves and their immediate environment, that they are quite often unable to see the larger picture. These people are prime examples of "Not being able to see the forest for the trees." Some Bach practitioners recommend Crab Apple to aid in recovery from an incipient cold, or to counter-act the side effects of pharmaceuticals.


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Desperate Housewives a show that I used to watch by my moms side literally showed mothers who gossip , had lots of sex and dressed inappropriately. They are supposed to be mothers..

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A world away from Rio’s beaches: The amazing images of Amazon tribe that you can only get to by boat from city where England will play first World Cup game

Tribeswomen: 'I travelled by boat to reach the tribe who still honour their traditional roots and customs,' said Mr Lazar. Above, two tribes...

free. I really love this..of course tattoos of this nature are very "mainstream" and I wouldn't get something like this, but I like the idea, and would be cute as wall art!

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20 Adorable Pictures of Momma Bears with Their Cubs

Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear, Image credits: trolljenta