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Awkward bear, but #SicEm anyway :)

Adorable bear cub!! #SicEm

Seven week-old black bear cub in den. <# #SicEm

Bear print // #SicEmBears

Walking In Sunshine, Coastal Brown Bear in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

Swimming brown bear // #SicEmBears

Topsy and Turvey, Baylor's two bear mascots in the 1950s, relax on the statue of Judge R.E.B Baylor.

Friendly bear print :) #SicEm

Grizzly bear at Naknek Lake // Wow. #SicEm

Brown bear print // #SicEm

45 Irresistibly Cute Photos Of Animals Hugging That Will Make Your Day // Of course, the bears are the best photo because #SicEm.

This is LIVE CAMERA FEED of Alaskan bears at Katmai National Park, where they come often to catch fish. So cool -- and so much #SicEm!

Grizzly bear feet // #SicEm

Tiny bear cub! And it looks like he's already learning how to do a #SicEm!

Bear and butterflies // This just looks so peaceful.

Sweet sleepy bear. #SicEm

Cheeky bear // What a cutie! #SicEm

Snowy grizzly #SicEm

Adolescent Kodiak Brown Bear atop a cliff in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. // #SicEm

#SicEm // By Sarah Maycock

A bear among a field green and gold... How appropriate. #SicEm

Gorgeous Animal Illustrations by Amy Hamilton // #SicEm

A majestic bear surrounded by green and gold... Looks about right. #SicEm

Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, Bears. Goodnight, Baylor everywhere!