Did you know #Baylor University runs an Autism Resource Clinic? The clinic serves Central Texas families and provides hands-on experience for BU students. (click for details)

More than 140 lampposts across the #Baylor University campus honor veterans among the BU family who have served our country, including many who gave their lives in action.

#Baylor Texas

Baylor University

Texas cut out of wood with Baylor colors

Everyone loves the state of Texas right? And you obviously LOVE Baylor University so show your love in this new BU t-shirt! GO BU BEARS!

Cool story on how #Baylor University's Texas Hunger Initiative and Hankamer School of Business are teaming up to help more free breakfasts and lunches get to the kids who really need them. (click to read) #SicEm

#Baylor professor Lori Baker has spent more than a decade of her life working to identify the remains of undocumented immigrants whose journey was cut too short. Why? “Their families deserve to know what happened to them. And they deserve human dignity.”

Happy Valentine's Day, #Baylor family! #SicEmWithLove

This is so sweet! After overhearing her dad talking with Baylor's Texas Hunger Initiative director about the challenges of poverty and hunger among children in the U.S., Miriam decided to do something about it. She hand-made made dozens of bracelets, key chains, etc., and raised more than $200 for THI! #SicEm

Baylor Girl pillow Waco Texas Baylor bears sic em by kijsa

Vintage #Baylor & Waco poster

The #Baylor family responded to the tragedy in West, Texas, in dozens of ways, recapped in this Baylor Magazine story (click to read). More recently, donations collected by BU provided more than $290,000 to West homeowners.

Pat Neff Hall at Baylor University in Waco, Texas

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#Baylor Texas Green and Gold Digital Print - Sic em Bears. $6.00, via Etsy.

Armstrong-Browning library at Baylor University

Yes, the rivalry is that old! #SicTCU // Carroll Field, #Baylor v. TCU, Program Cover, 11-25-1915

The beautiful Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor University.