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  • Gary Adams

    Waco Mammoth Site - A Herd of Mammoth remains was found in 1978 by two young men. My husband was on a Geology trip with a class from Baylor, and was there when the original thigh bone was found in a river bed.

  • Kat's Thrifty Treasures

    Waco Mammoth Site. The story is that about 68,000 years ago some Columbian Mammoths and their babies had been trapped in a gorge or gulley during a flood or some such event. They were preserved for thousands of years before their bones were discovered near Waco in 1978." Now a city park tourist attraction in Waco, TX.

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Cool DAY TRIP idea! Waco is about 2ish hours from NFW. How fun to see and even dig for mammoth bones!?!?! (Don't forget to stop @ the Czech Stop in West and pick up kolaches!)

Not a dino....I know...but I explain this tooth over and over every Sunday at the Fl State Museum of Natural History. I know very well :)

A tiny tot from 45 thousand years ago. The majority of Neanderthal bones found are small children. A testament to the fact that life was hard during the last ice age. Perhaps children born in the dead of winter never made it. There have been baby Neanderthal bones found in caves amongst the refuse piles suggesting infanticide as well.

Redheaded mummy from Sungir, Russia found in houses constructed out of mammoth bones and hide. Southern Russia, between 30,000 and 20,000 BC.

The Cathedral of Junk - an unorthadox tourist attraction

Geology of North America

  • Lorraine WrightWiest

    So how do I get a copy

  • Orna O'Hanlon

    Topical with the recent Californian earthquake. Love the pin - you've a lot more geology to learn than us ;)

  • Sadie Wells

    Isn't that the geography of North America? Geology is the study of rocks.

  • Loximuthal

    This is a map of the rock types of North America, thus, geology of North America.

  • Glenda Tyski

    Wish there was a color code so I could tell which were where.

Raplee Ridge, part of the Monument Upwarp in southeastern Utah, is a long, narrow, folded anticline that formed about 70 million to 50 million years ago.

  • Jennifer Gibbs

    With generations you get an increase in finger length. More mutations add a hint of web between the fingers & these widgets are now better at leaping tree to tree. They don't fall as often, so they aren't eaten by predators & they pass on the gene for slight webbing. The better webbing widgets survive to pass on the gene for better webbing, until the widgets have long webbed fingers and can glide from tree to tree. Some flap and this quality is passed on to their offspring. to be contd

  • Jennifer Gibbs

    It is advantageous for getting around to different trees for food and escaping predators. Again generations go by with non-flapping widgets being selected out of the gene pool. Widgets become increasing adept at flapping until they are flying.

  • Jennifer Gibbs

    I can offer an explanation of atheists having near-death experiences too,,,

  • Morgan Stockman

    this is a photo of a rock formation, not a fossil. Take this unnecessary discussion somewhere else

  • Crystal Yzaguirre

    lol natural selection is a thing but not evolution? XD please go back to jr high science.

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Whoa. Prague doesn't immediately come to mind, but I'm definitely interested in seeing the Sedlec Ossuary - Church of Bones

  • Faded Glory

    I'm pretty sure this is the ossuary in Milan, Italy...It's called San Bernardino alle Ossa! :)

  • Robin Lerum

    I tend to agree. It is unlike the ossuary about an hour outside of Prague. The one near Prague is breathtaking...

DInosaur bone in the Morrison Formation at Morrison, Colorado