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The major #Baylor University Graduate School programs analyzed in the latest U.S. News rankings all moved up in the rankings. (click for more) #SicEm

Angela Kinsey (The Office) says #SicEm! (click through for video) // #Baylor University Class of 1993

#CaseClosed! Floyd Casey Stadium, #Baylor University, Dec. 7, 2013

“This game, for me, was circled, dotted, starred, whatever you want to call it on the calendar. I really wanted to win this game.’’ -- Bryce Petty, who was clearly #ReadyForOU with a 48-14 win. (Via @bayloruniversity on Instagram)

The seemingly never-ending stairs inside the Carroll Science building at Baylor University

The Baylor Sciences Building fountain at Baylor University.

Merry Christmas from #Baylor University! // (click through for Christmas at Baylor 2013 in photos)

RGIII visiting Baylor quarterback Seth Russell after his neck surgery. If that doesn't say #BaylorFamily, what does?!

#Baylor University President Ken Starr with ... Baylor Santa? (pic via WacoTrib on Twitter)