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Real #FutureBears dress like it's game day every day. #SicEm

Such a fierce, yet adorable future Bear! #SicEm

Baby's striped green and gold overalls // Oh my goodness! Obnoxious, maybe, but precious! Maybe for tailgating and/or Homecoming?

Put me in Coach Briles-I'm ready to play! (In 2032 that is.) #SicEm

Baylor Bears Plush Mascot // Bruiser Bear!! #SicEm

Baby's green Baylor Bears onesie // #SicEm!

Bruiser's Game Day Rules // Come along with Bruiser as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Bruiser teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional Baylor University way!

"Baby Bear" pennant, for the new little future Baylor bear in your life!

Stop it. A Baylor sock monkey?! Too cute!

Brown bear binky/pacifier // This is absolutely perfect for a future Baylor Bear!

This James, the son of Baylor grads Matthew and Kara Sikes. At 8 months, James started having health problems; within a month, an aggressive brain tumor had taken his life. In a heartwarming tribute, the Dallas Zoo named a newly born baby giraffe “Jamie” in honor of James Sikes.

Two of the cutest Baylor Bears around. (Via @courtneyzahirniak on Instagram)

Say hello to baby Briles Baer! (Yes that's his real name, and yes that's pronounced "bear.") #SoMuchSicEm

This is a bear suit. For your child. #SoMuchSicEm

"Sleepy Bear" White Long Sleeve Infant Gown // #SicEm

Baylor Baby Beanie (0-3mo.)

"Man Cub" boy's tee // #SicEm, Bears!

DIY baby bear hat tutorial. How perfect for a future Baylor Bear!

"Baby Bear" green onesie // #SicEm future Bears!

Baylor Bears baby tie bodysuit // Too precious. And perfectly practical for when the baby needs to look a little dressed up!

Baylor Stuffed Doll // So sweet! And ensures your baby learns about Baylor as much as possible. #SicEm

Definitely get this for the kids -- basically Baylor Football Legos!

Baylor Bears Infant Start 'Em Young T-Shirt - Green