DORM Fun lamp/lantern over the bed; decorative pillows; use the desk hutch as a headboard or a footboard; store binders and spirals in a milk crate. // #SicEm

This is for a dorm, but I love the way this is decorated!

Interior Design Dorm Room...privacy desk and bookcase at the foot of the bed

Cute dorm room! I would love this!!!! ;)

UGA dorm room


Dorm Room Essentials! - BedSide Table- This just clips right onto the side of your bed! I keep my alarm clock, tissues, and anything else I could need when I’m in bed! I spray painted it pink before I moved in to ensure that it matched with all the rest of my stuff! -

Dorm room

they created a headboard, footboard, curtain using the standard college twin bed. @Rebecca Dezuanni Farnell

I want this for my dorm! I even want it for my bedroom now, haha

How to Organize a Dorm Closet

The Organized College Student

Cute dorm

such a cute dorm room!

Dream dorm?

Dorm Room


dorm room

Dorm Layout

College dorm

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