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Lesley Kahney - Lower Breakish #isleofskye - #acrylic #painting #mixedmedia

Handlettering door

Maiden / Fire Goddess Banner by Wendy Andrew ---

We have a choice. The first choice is releasing karma through forgiveness, learning to open up your heart, and to unite together as one loving family helping each other on this beautiful journey. ❤️☀️Image by Susan Seddon Boulet

Handlettering door

The Celtic deity Brigid is associated strongly with fire, beside being a patron goddess of poetry, smithing, arts, and medicine. She’s honoured during the springtime welcoming festival known as Imbolc

Brigid seems to have been both a pagan goddess and a Christian saint, with a smooth transition over time. As a goddess she was the patron of healing, crafts and poetry. Although venerated all over Ireland, Brigid had special territorial power over Leinster. She was an expert in prophecy and she was invoked by women in childbirth. This fertility aspect of her character is strong: her pagan feast day was the feast of Imbolc, which was a seaonal fertility feast celebrating the lactating of…