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('Artist Problem When you have a good enough eye for art that you can see everything you're doing wrong but not enough skill to do it right.


I always do my elephant hunting at the supermarket.what do you do at the supermarket?

Teenager Post

Welcome to my awkward life. ♡, i hate it when this happens, ugh! it jst makes me soo mad

So you sniff but cant smell it but you get the slightest whiff of stank and are afraid that that's what people smell.

My friend sometimes smells my jacket and says "It smells like your house" and I always ask "what does my house smell like? So now I really wanna be able to know what my house smells like😂😂😂

All the time. And sometimes me.

Teenager Posts: Kids do this all the time and it makes me want to slap them, nobody cares if you flipped to the right page.

Teenager post

Yeah that's why I like t he one bathroom for girls room so your just alone and no one judges you pee <<< yep so awkward in one with lots of stalls

All of my friends say that I need to loosen up. I see this and wow I thought that I was alone.

Teenager Posts~ sometimes tho I'm just all like U DONT GET IT to my mom but still SOOO VERY TRUE.so true it's makes me sad 😢 I swear I'm gonna b like the most willing mom ever but reality I'm gonna b worse.

again, no ambition!

At this moment im wondering how many teenager post pins I've got on my IKR (I know right) board.

Everytime I go on a trip.... even if it's just a sleepover at a friend's house.... Hey that reminds me...........

Why is this a teenager post? My Hawaii suitcase is still sitting on the floor and that trip was over Christmas lol

I do this all the time

So true once I was listening to music during class and my friend starting singing along to the song I was listening too

Yes ma'am!!! | Great gift for someone you love: http://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Wedding-Ring-WeFido-Inexpensive/dp/B00YHSC8QA/ref=sr_1_44?ie

Cute boys make you blush. Hot boys make you drool. But country boys will make you fall in love without even realizing it.