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B And D

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  • Ms EOI Teacher

    The Bbs like to walk... but the Dds like to talk. Visuals to help your kids memorise

  • Heather Sterner

    B and D poster... So many kids mix this up... Good reference for them

  • Gina Kneller

    Language Arts: Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d". Very Clever!

  • Sandy Rangel

    writing letters

  • Nell Hartz

    Memory tricks for kids' letter reversal problems. Love the "make your bed" at the bottom of the page.

  • Lexi Kalil

    The First Grade Parade: Is that a B?? Or a D??? Many visuals to help kids differentiate between b & d.

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Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d" Very Clever!

b/d and p/g letter reversals are one of the most common mistakes made by early readers and writers. Here's a fun little solution that really helps

teaching kids the consants that they get mixed up. I actually came up with the idea of the word bed last week to help my 5 year old distinguish b and d, just didn't think to use the hands to even further reinforce it. And she has another one for p and g. Brilliant!

B & D Reversals Posters Amy says--Awesome I can never tell my B & D's apart--this is how I remember it--you turn your back to mom (she had the Boobs-thus the B shape and the small circle is facing away from her), but never to Dad (-a big belly on D and the small circle facing him--does that make sense) Not what I want to teach kids to be rude to there mom, but that is how I remember

Where has this been all my life?!?!? #2 may finally be able to "get" the difference between the 2 letters!

Great way to teach kids who are confused between their 'b's and 'd's.

Plainview Vintage Utz maybe this is a better way to teach your kids the difference between B and D. Next year maybe?