... this is definitely for my husband. the night before our wedding after the rehearsal when he had to go back home w/o me. we had never been apart for more than 8 hrs. i balled, and balled... my mom had to rock me to sleep that night. i love you, brandon.

You are exactly what I want. ;)




It's true though... You don't even know how special you can make a girl feel just by saying her name... It's just magical. :)

Your Voice

I do this because I'm an Aries? I've always thought it was because I'm a bitch lol

Romantic quotes



I want to be an important part of your life, but not in the sense that I'm in your life all the time. I want you to see a certain color or hear a certain sound and think of me. Maybe you'll see a picture or hear a joke and laugh because you know I'd love it. I want to be ingrained into your mind.

I wish I could just lay my head down on your chest with no worries and rest. I feel terrible!!! I love you! --- I WOULD HOLD YOU AND MAKE YOU FORGET ABOUT ALL YOU ACHES AND PAINS BABY!!! I MISS YOU!!!



He looked at her like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. | love | amor | hopeless romantic |

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