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Parents may want to keep Ein-O's Box Kits in mind as to use as great visual aids when the science fair rolls around. Click here to learn what 8-year-old Emma has to say about the toy:

Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room (starting at $19, Amazon) is a whimsical nightlight designed for any child who has ever dreamed of having their very own rainbow. Listen to Emma's review, as she shows you how it works.

The Science Wiz Electricity kit is a fun way to Introduce young kids to how electricity works. Read our review: Starting at $14 on

Scientific Explorer's kit may not exactly be mind blowing, but it's certainly not boring, even for a child tester at the top of the age range. Read more »

The Scrambled States of America (starting at $12.50, Amazon) mad our 8-year-old toy tester feel differently - and she approved!

8 years old Emma is reviewing inexpensive toys including Pee Wee Pillow . She has strong opinions on what she likes and what she dislikes about Pee Wee Pillow. To read a full written review go to

'Bargain Hunting 2013's Top Toys: Buy Now or Wait?' Got kids? Know to when to buy toys to hone on the best prices. Holiday toy prices are lowest in mid-December but shopping early ensures supply availability, especially for hottest items.

Scientific Explorer's kit - entertaining and chidl approved. Plus, starting at only $15 it's relatively inexpensive.