remarkable bird...well-behaved pair

A Golden Retriver, 8 Birds and A Hamster. Based in Brazil, along with his human owner and at least eight pet birds, ‘Bob’ is a golden retriever and his best friends–a chubby hamster and eight birds.

Well, this is interesting!


Cute kitties helping and playing.

Don't Ask...

Kitty and Guinea piggie pals

friends :)

Eagle struttin'. Very serious, too cute at the same time, this is a bird on a mission.....


Friends helping friends.

Squirrel and his little friend...

Annoying friends - we all have one....LOL. Precious, looooove this!!!!! 12/18/12: Best Friends, Love You, Dogs And Cats, Dog Cat, Funny Animal, Beagle, Adorable Animal

Thats my house!...

ducks in a row - visual writing prompt

I'm gonna get it!

Cutest green little bird ever...

Country buddy

Man's best friend