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I pin this every time I see it... Shame to Whovians who don't. ;)

Dreams can come true. I LOVE THIS. <3

empty hallway... I don't really know why I'm pinning this in Doctor who but...

Geek Love Sign-Valentine-Wedding-Wall Decor-Playroom-Doctor Who-Star Wars-Supernatural-Harry Potter--Firefly/Serenity-Superwholock

EXCUSE ME!! Oh my gosh I have just been informed I have pinned this already!!!!!!! Im pinning it still but guys!!!!!!! Someone listens to us!!!!! we are being told when we've pinned something already!!!!!!!!

from Mashable

The Complete Guide to Tumblr Subcultures

A glossary of some of the most popular and prominent Tumblr subcultures, including fandoms, food porn and social justice warriors.

Funny Doctor Who pictures... - Page 13