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under the light of the fireworks anything was possible. the huge bursts of light illuminated the grounds for brief snapshots of time and then slowly the light is sucked up. the wide gently sloping lawn beckoned him to move in between the bursts of light. -egr

First time I saw this was in the Bodega Bay area with my Symbas friends and Robert or Raspberry? In any case, we lay in a gully for what seemed like hours watching the blackbirds (?) move, wave, form, disperse, flow, was mystical. (I think what they did is called murmuration)

Lei é schiva, silenziosa, con ferite antiche. Devi amarla con attenzione, può diventare dura e fredda. Può chiudersi in se stessa come una chiocciola offesa… xxx (E. M. Reyes)

.#WALLPAPER GRATIS super carino per il tuo telefono adorato! (•◡•) Tante altre idee cool per le mamme sul sito ❤ ❤

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il y a toujours, quelque soit l endroit, le lieu,l heure, une chose merveilleuse.