Eucalyptus seed pods & more...

Seed pods.

eucalyptus seed pods- we have eucalyptus in our yard, the flowers look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book

Trumpet pods

eucalyptus seed pod

shell detail - beautiful texture too

Iris Seed Pod

Cacao seed pod,

Karl Blossfeldt, Cajophora lateritia, (Loasaceae), Chile nettle, seed capsules

Banksia coneBanksia is a genus of around 170 species in the plant family Proteaceae. These Australian wildflowers and popular garden plants are easily recognised by their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting "cones" and heads. When it comes to size, banksias range from prostrate woody shrubs to trees up to 30 metres tall.

Stored by Acorn Woodpeckers

pine cone

Eucalyptus Seed Pod. More images of eu seed pods:

seed pods

Poppy capsule (seed pod) AMAZING!

food for thought.... by


Seed pods

Tea Tree Seed Pods by Bad Alley

Banksia Seed Pod.