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    52@48-Dolls From My Past

    I loved dolls. I asked for a doll every Christmas, and usually got one. I remember poring over the Sears and JC Penny catalogues every year with Beeve and my next door neighbor, Tina. I am sure I h...

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    Liddle Kiddles are little, tiny dolls that were sold in the late 1960s. They were manufactured from 1966-1971 by Mattel. The name is a play on words for the term 'little kid'. These dolls were all the rage in the late 60s and many other toy companies made copycats, to try to cash in on the new 'tiny doll phenomenon'.

    i would have loved playing with these Liddle Kiddle dolls. I remember them from childhood, but not ALL these cool ones

    liddle kiddle play house -- I can still recall the distinctive smell of the plastic!

    Liddle Kiddles. These are the first ones from the early 60s. I was sooooo obsessed with Kiddles. But they were all my sister's and her friends.

    I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

    Little Kiddles!!!!! My mom had these as a kid (she actually had these three too); she let me play with them growing up!!!! Loved them! Good memories!

    Remember just going "Out to Play" with your friends? We played all of these games. Playstation, IPods, electronic gadgets?? Not in the 60's and 70's. We ran our butts off all day long!

    lidkid.jpg (386×633) I loved my liddle kiddles and their smells. Unfortunately they melted in the attic and were found with a few little mice bites.

    We played Little Kiddles every day!-and you could hide them in your desk at school!

    "Little Kiddles" - Does anyone remember these? I had several! They all had this really strong "air freshener" type of perfume on their hair that went with their color and flower type... Like the purple one was "Violet"... I SWEAR I can still smell that "weird" violet perfume when I close my eyes and think of these!

    I think I could cry! My Granny LOVED to play this! We have an old set, plus a new one I bought for Christmas. Not the same though!

    "Little Kiddles" ~ L♥ved these little gals! Had the one with the baby crib, & several others.....Remember the nursery rhyme ones? I had "Sleeping Beauty.....:)