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    52@48-Dolls From My Past

    I loved dolls. I asked for a doll every Christmas, and usually got one. I remember poring over the Sears and JC Penny catalogues every year with Beeve and my next door neighbor, Tina. I am sure I h...
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    Bernstein Bears. Love them-still do!

    Vintage Christmas Stencils

    I lived in saddle shoes all through school, loved the look!

    Shirley Temple

    Sewing is fun

    Coat hangers << I had these, oh, how I loved them >>

    Mickey Mouse Club

    Penny Brite doll, 1964

    evolution of doublemint

    Florence Niddle Liddle Kiddle 1966 I have her and love her;~)

    Rubber Swimming Caps, uncomfortable and your hair still got wet

    This was all you could view when there were no shows on TV after midnight!

    Treasure troll doll

    This is how my Candy Land game looked.

    still mine. Got it as a wedding present!

    still have a giraffe and black cat

    Captain Kangaroo

    phone keychain

    Remember when the shoe salesmen used these???


    learn to sew lace up cards!!!!!

    My friend Patti had a Patty Play Pal...

    The original! This, my friends, was the beginning of it all!!!! (this, and my Auntie Nellie!)

    Chicken Soup with Rice

    The West Wing