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@slimwaistguide's photo: "Skinny Fit Tip of the Day Aim to workout or cardio for more than 30 minutes - For the first 15 minutes of your workout, your body is burning sugars and carbs.. Once you break past the 30 minute point, your body enters the fat burning zone!! ...then just keep on going from there!"

Meeko Short Galaxy Sparkle

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Full Body Fitness Workout. Home Workout. No Equipment. Fat Burn, Body Sculpting. Shape and Tone all over. Free workouts.

How to lose arm fat FAST

If you're looking for an at-home arm workout that will target and tone your shoulders, biceps, and triceps, this workout is for you! It's only 12 minutes in length, and with a couple of free weights, it will help you build muscle and lose arm fat FAST from the comfort of your own home. Good luck!

It's Getting Hot in Here! 30-Minute Total-Body Indoor Stair Workout

Seated Flexibility, Cardio, & Strength Workout

"Seated Flexibility, Cardio, and Strength Workout -- Physical activity is important when you have diabetes. Diabetic foot pain or flexibility problems don't need to keep you from exercising. Grab a chair and take a seat for these simple stretches, low-impact strength exercises, and cardio moves."

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Skinny

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Thin - Actually really good. More people need to do this instead of fad diets...