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Franklin, Ohio


True loves last a lifetime. It outgrows wrinkles, lines, age spots. It is the truth of the heart.

Soldier Chad Flemming returns from deployment to meets his 6 month old baby girl for the first time. Had to pin it because very seldom pictures bring tears to my eyes like this one did. 💜

True favourite addiction is to my husband. Poor bugger God only knows what he did in a previous life that was so bad he ended up paired with me in this one. By the way this is not a photo of me and my beloved, I just liked it.

this just makes my heart happy, this will be me and my husband when we are old and happy! old people are just so cute! cant wait to grow old with my future husband!

When we love, we love.

This is what we did on "Date Night" tonight.... Have you shared a Chik-Fil-A milkshake lately? They are GREAT! #TLCVoxBox #GelatoLove