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Robert# Doisneau: His iconic black-and-white photos of post-war #Paris are known the world over. Even if his famous #kiss photos are staged, they still make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Being able to conjure up emotions like that is just as important as authenticity in my book. - #kissing and #baci

Image via We Heart It #blackandwhite #couple #jewellery #valentinesday #tiffanyandco #tiffany's #valentinesdayremix




I want to touch you, not physically, but within your mind. Discover the things you keep locked away, until we are one, where there is no You and I, but We:

Romance romance? there are no words to use for this feeling they're creating in one another. No. Words. No spoken words at least. None that the human race would be able to understand if taught. Angels would keep the primer to this moment and guard the scroll in a secret place in heaven.

The best hugs ever when you don't want to let go!! Love those. comforting hug