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Fucking PC faux-liberal idiot. You can't pardon someone if they haven't been convicted of anything. Of course, the fact that this dipshit is suggesting a pardon might be viewed as evidence that he knows Clinton is guilty of something....

George Soros could be charged with Sedition and Treason for the damage he is causing the U.S. if he is proven to be guilty! ~~SHARE THE MESSAGE!~~

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Insider Democrat ARRESTED For Pedophilia, 2nd One With DIRECT Ties To Obama And Hillary

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Truth, the premise upon which we base our lives, decisions, our path: I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU on this board who have worked diligently to bring truth to light. You are truth warriors united in spirit & purpose. TY, my fellow Berners. #BernieOrBust We are up against an entire system, just like Bernie. #Revolution #BernieOurFDR

The thing is...Trump could care less to learn what he doesn't know about world affairs and national security.

VIDEO : Even on Thanksgiving Obama is Still DIVIDING People