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I have always said that you never truly know a person until you see how he/she treats the wait staff at a restaurant. Actions speak SO much louder than words. Always listen to what people are saying - but watch the actions also. Do the actions match the words?

This says it all. This is what the founding fathers intended and we have let it get away. Lets get it back! is great as long as it is YOUR CHOICE! No one should FORCE you! Same with charity!

A User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama Barry was quite the accomplished marijuana enthusiast back in high school and college. Excerpts from David Maraniss' Barack Obama: The Story dealing with the elaborate drug culture surrounding the president when he attended Punahou School in Honolulu and Occidental College in Los Angeles. He inhaled. A lot.

And there it is. Liberals don't fear guns because they 'kill children' or they'd be just as opposed to abortion. It's about power and knowing THEY AREN'T TRANSPARENT TO EVERYONE.....just their 'freebie dependent' voter base.

Conservatives have been screaming all of that for 5 years and you called us racists, obstructionists, extremists, and terrorists. The only extremist is Barrack Obama.