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Here's what's inside: Grilled Chicken Strips= 0 carbs Triscuits= 20 carbs Cheese Bar= 0 carbs Chobani Champions Yogurt Tube= 9 carbs Strawberries= 2 carbs Grapes= 8 carbs Carrots= 0 carbs Jelly Beans (a rare but very much appreciated treat)= 11 carbs Lunch Total= 51 carbohydrates

Here's what's inside: Strawberry & Kiwi Waffle Sandwich (toast 2 whole grain waffles, spread 2 T. of cream cheese onto the waffles, layer slices of strawberry & kiwi on top, make into a sandwich)= 30 carbs Stonyfield YoKids Yogurt Tube= 11 carbs Fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries & kiwi)= 9 carbs Pirate's Booty Baked Rice & Corn Puffs= 5 carbs Carrots= 3 carbs Lunch Total= 58 carbohydrates

Muffin tin mania... offer healthy choices for toddlers to choose from during snack time!

Here's what's inside: Sandwich Skewers (1/2 slice bread, 1/2 slice American cheese, 2 slices of ham, lettuce, 2 grape tomatoes, 1/2 hard-boiled egg, 2 avocado chunks, threaded onto 2 popsicle sticks)= 7 carbs The Good Bean Sweet Cinnamon Chickpeas= 18 carbs Stonyfield YoKids Yogurt Tube= 11 carbs Strawberries= 3 carbs Blueberries= 3 carbs Raspberries= 1 carb Kiwi= 4 carbs Lunch Total= 47 carbohydrates

10 Awesome, Filling, and Quick Low Carb Snacks

Halloween is almost upon us once again. For many (especially those of you with freshly diagnosed kiddos), I’m sure the mere thought of Halloween and it’s candy-filled traditions is now the scariest part of this holiday for you. I know because I’ve been there and I admit that those first couple of Halloween’s after C …