truth, but it's probably bad that my mind is autocorrecting this to "What I love most about my home is with whom I share it." Thanks, English degree. Brain and I are really putting you to good use.

What I love most about my home is who I share it with 13"w x17 1/2"h Hand-painted wood sign on Etsy, $31.00

We do REAL, we do mistakes, we do SORRY, we do second chances, we do FUN and HUGS and REALLY LOUD really well....



Southern manners

VSE - Best Friends for Life Sign - Black / Like us on Facebook! / #Primitive / #Country

Sale Home is wherever I am with you hand by theruffledstitch

Large Wood Sign When I Tell you I love You by dustinshelves -

good thing to think about before one is led without giving the consequences of one's actions a thought

I not sure if if it will ever make perfect sense, but I will trust God and I will still laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, walk in grace, refuse to be a dumping board for other's people's drama/junk, and remind myself that everything in my life is part of God's perfect plan. : )

Marriage Quote by Martin Luther. Neeeeed this! Husband was just saying "I wish I could stay home with you every day and do projects like today... This is my happy place!" Corny but soooo true;)




Perfect for the master bedroom!

{Love} sign