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    Hard work and a clean diet - that's all it takes #skinny #motivation #diet #exercise #health #fitness

    I dont diet, I live clean, it is a lifestyle! Live it!


    You can't expect to look like a million bucks if you eat from the dollar menu.

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    #Truth. Fitness Motivation

    The power of the mind. Did you know that a bumble bee should not be capable of flying…according to experts in the field of aerodynamics and space engineering. Their bodies are too fat, too round and too slow. Thank goodness no one ever told this little aviator about their limitations. If only humans did not believe the things they are told. Truth: believing in oneself and breaking YOUR limitations begin with exercising NOT ONLY the body, but also the MIND.

    Get fit for you

    These 8 weight loss shortcuts actually work. #weightloss #healthy #diet #fitness #workout | Weightloss tips for women

    ...with your abs


    Eat Junk, Look Like Junk. Eat Clean, Look Lean. haha. my new moto?

    took me a long time to realize this... fad diets are never the way to go. working hard for fitness makes you appreciate yourself and sacrifices.

    Eat Good. Feel Good: The Benefits of Clean Eating | Nourished Existence

    true true true

    Lifestyle change


    words to live by. #fitness


    The Solution For Weight Loss - My Story On How I Lost 25 Pounds In Only 20 Days.