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BSL is totally wrong, and this is disgraceful taking a mother and her pup away from the owner she so obviously loves. Councils need to get educated. It's not the dog but the owners to blame. My heart breakers for this loving family torn apart. Pit Bull Who Protected Injured Owner Re-homed Due to Breed Ban

Muffled sounds of distress came from the cardboard box behind a store in the Northern British Columbia town of Prince George. It was -35 degrees and it was only by chance that a woman named Shawna heard those faint cries.

Help shut down the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand! Sign the petition today!! - #TheAnimalRescueSite

Sad Shelter Dog Gets Hundreds Of Inquiries, But What About All Those Other Pets? | Care2 Causes

Sir Snowy's heart is breaking for these anipals. Snowy was lucky..may these wonderful animals will also have a second chance to find a true forever home and lots of love This Florida Town Is a Dog Dumping Ground

Animal welfare within the farms that breed these dogs for the meat trade is sadly lacking Here a mother attempting to nurse her puppies in the tiny space that's available out of all the excrement that's built-up in the enclosure - whilst next to her lies a dog who's sadly died.