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King's hand-book of Boston. Moses King 1853-1909. Cambridge, Mass., M. King c1878. This “profusely illustrated” decorative book takes the reader through the Boston of 1878. Read more about it here:

Arthur Miller, Collected Plays 1944-1961. Edited by Tony Kushner. Library of America : Distributed to the trade in the United States by Penguin Putnam, New York. 2006.Collected Plays is the featured Book of the Month for October. This book contains a collection of some of Miller’s most famous works, including the “The Crucible.” Read more about it:

Portion of the fish collected by Waldo Schmitt off the coast of Matiti Island, Tikahau, 1957 |Field Books of Waldo LaSalle Schmitt (1887-1977)