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  • Leslie Penn

    what a great idea!! lp DYI Duct Tape Baggie Quilt - used to display work....but this website has TONS of DYI crafts and manipulatives for the classroom... or even a fun way to make journals out of a gift bag... Classroom DIY

  • Sara Kaikkonen

    Classroom DIY: DIY Duct Tape Baggie Quilt - an idea of making a giant periodic table or displaying students work. The zips on the back mean you can change the work over from time to time. Or you could hang keywords?

  • GEL

    Idea: Duct Tape and Ziplock Bag Classroom Quilt How-To. :) Would be a fun way to display themed student work throughout the year too!

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A nice, efficient way to display what's important to your class. If the students are older, the teacher can write one example and the students can write their own "we do..." statement.

Duct tape flags on pencils so you know where your pencils are! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is happening in FACS 2013-2014 classroom.....

AWESOME IDEA! Gallon Ziploc bags + Duck tape = An art quilt! Students' work slides in the back. You won't see where it says Ziploc because that is on the back side!

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