Great tip & best trick ever! There are actually two pony tails in this photo stacked on top of one another and tightly wound for pony volume and root volume. Works like a charm!

This has been requested many times! Here is a tutorial on how to get the ponytail with the "poof" or the "bump"! I hope this helps! If you have any questions just ask! Thanks for watching!!!

Hair tip for ponytail

How to tease hair... correctly! No wonder mine never looked right! (pin now read later...much later when you have a lot of extra time on your hands)

Voluminous ponytail perfection

Jennifer Aniston

8 Marvelous Messy Ponytails to Try: Girls in the Beauty Department ~ I won't be able to do this :-) but think they look fabulous!

How do people make their ponytails look like that!??

Double pony tail for more volume! Great idea! (Minus the last bogus bit about a ponytail extension.)


Pump up your ponytail here -


Messy pony's are so cute!

I secretly love the prep ponytail. It's fantastic.

9 Simple Makeup Tricks from Experts to Make Your Eyes Pop | My Thirty Spot- For Soft and Sexy Eye Makeup "For an eye look that’s defined but not too heavy, line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner. This is one of my biggest makeup artist tricks for beautiful, soft eyes!” -Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist

Natural honey blonde. Perfect for me and have the bottom into more of a v shape!

messy 3-twist do